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  • 90-Day Test Period: Enjoy peace of mind with our TDS meter for only £5, including free delivery! Check the quality of your water for up to 90 days

  • Risk-Free Purchase: Thinking of upgrading to a ZeroWater filter? We'll discount your filter order by refunding the £5 TDS meter cost, making your upgrade seamless and affordable

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ZeroWater removes 99.6% of all total dissolved solids, delivering pure refreshment in just minutes.

Discover the unbelievable taste of pure water!

Tap water if often filled with dissolved solids, which other filters simply struggle to remove. Unlike Brita's 3-stage system, ZeroWater's 5-Stage Filtration System effectively removes virtually all dissolved solids.

With ZeroWater, you'll naturally drink more due to its crisp and refreshing taste. Even your tea and coffee will taste better. Plus, you might notice surprising improvements in your health, skin, and mental clarity.

Why shouldn't we just drink tap water?

How does hormone-infused water affect me?

Why should I choose ZeroWater?

What is TDS?

What does Zero PPM mean?

When should I change my filter?

Over 2,000 Trustpilot reviews

The best water filter you can buy

"I have used zero water filters for years and so does all my family. This is the best way to get pure water that you can taste the difference immediately"

Amanda B

Better than Brita

"Having tested my tap water, then the Brita filter jug, I found Zero Water jug much superior... and the filtered water from the Zero Filter tasted cleaner"

Timothy M

I'm shocked this works as advertised!

"Until recently, I had to use an RO system to create 0 TDS water for my coffee. This wasted twice as much water as it created. Now, it's as easy as using any other filter jug, but with far purer results"


Top water, so much better than tap!

"It works really well! The filtered water tastes real & makes excellent hot drinks, especially filter coffee. It also brings peace of mind that we’re not taking in as many contaminants…. everyone should have this technology built-in to their water supply"

John C

Other branded filters don't compare!

"Absolutely thrilled with my ZeroWater filter! I love the water level measurer, comparing results with my old filter was eye-opening. I thought I was drinking clean water before, but the difference is clear now. With my new ZeroWater filter, I can confidently say my water is 100% pure & super safe to drink!"

Alex L

Best decision!

"Bought the 10 cup water filter and it’s absolutely brilliant- such fresh tasting water. Easy to use and the filters are also easy to change. Definitely recommend ZeroWater 🤩"

Jo T

Bloody brilliant jug...should have bought one years ago

"My filter jug & cartridges came quickly & for a great price. I love the measuring tool which showed just how scaly our tap water is. It reassures me that I'll know when I should change the cartridges, rather than just guessing. Also, no more scum on my tea...yay!"

Gillian S

Brilliant device

"Brilliant device, wish I had of found it years ago. The difference in smell and taste is unreal. No more smelly water, will be buying another one or two for the house. Highly recommended 👌"

Phillip E

Great product & company

"Very easy ordering and over the moon with the product... makes such a difference when you drink as much water as I do. I'm happy to know its not full of nasties"

Dean D

Easy to use

"East to differentiate with normal tap water and zero water... good taste"

Bindu P

Does exactly as described

"Does exactly as described. We are on a spring that from time to time the water becomes cloudy. This removes all the impurities"

David B

So tasty

"Great product. Probably the best water filter we have ever had. The filter lasts 3 weeks for us"

Kat K

Just get one

"This is a great water filter. The quality is awesome, and the water is excellent"


OMG amazing results

"I wanted to filter my old water from my dehumidifier for use in a small steam engine boiler. The old water read 0.47, after putting it through the filter it was reading 000. I have filtered about 60 litres of water. I definitely would recommend this company fast delivery and at a good price and it works"

Mr & Mrs T

Te best water filter around

"Does last a long time depending on your water quality and where you live, but mine last for months... luckily as they are not cheap. I will buy the filters as a multi pack which helps a little"

Mike J

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