About Us

Our mission is to bring knowledge & products that help to enrich and improve our lives. All of the products and services we recommend are backed by science and research; no wishy-washy theories here. 

One of our priorities is making people aware that we need to lower our toxicity as much as possible; by removing the toxins stored in our bodies, and stopping the intake of more toxins. Really paying attention to what we’re putting into (and on) our bodies, for example: personal care products, food, water, air.

Our bodies need the purest, cleanest water possible. Avoid tap water at all costs; it contains a multitude of nasties, such as arsenic, chemicals, and birth control hormones... to name but a few! The ZeroWater filter is the only filter in this price range that can get down to zero PPM (parts per million) of total dissolved contaminant solids.

P.S We only recommend products that we personally use, genuinely believe in, and have found to be highly effective.